Winner Banks

There used to be a gravel bank on either side of Langstone harbour entrance; however the West Winner (on the west side of the harbour entrance) has now gone (even though it is still shown on many charts) and you should not hit anything even at low water.

The East Winner is still very much in evidence since it dries at low tide (springs or neaps), and appears to be growing towards the east. You can sail over it at the right tidal state – but check the tide height first, it is quite hard in places.

Be careful about walking out along the East Winner on a rising tide because you can get cut-off from the land; there have been numerous such incidents over the years, some not ending happily.

A Cardinal mark approximately 2 nautical miles from the Club marks the southernmost extent of the East Winner.

Confusingly, there is another ‘Winner’ bank at the entrance to Chichester Harbour.