Location and surroundings

The East Winner sand bar, Hayling Island, in late summer sun showing fine crepuscular rays.

Situated in the dunes on the western tip of Hayling Island, the club enjoys a spectacular setting in idyllic surroundings. Access is via the gate at the end of the "Beachlands Ferry" car park after which a track leads along the back of the beach for a quater of a mile. There is ample parking close to the slipway where many members park up their campervans and motorhomes to enjoy the splendid views of the harbour channel and out to the Solent.

The whole area is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, important for its rare shingle flora, and includes the Gunner Point Countryside Heritage Site to the south.

The beach here is sandy at mid to low tide and is a popular spot with families and fishermen. At full ebb and flow the current in the channel can be quite strong. Expect some interesting wind-over-tide conditions and the opportunity to perfect your ferry-gliding technique!

Due to the ever shifting shingle bank, the end of the slipway is ingeniously constructed of thick rubber mats that retract when not in use. A pully system allows boats to be pulled up with ease. With practice, single handed launching and recovery is possible although there's usually a club member or passing walker willing to lend a hand.

A short walk to the south is the East Winner sand bar, stretching a good mile out to sea at low tide and a popular spot with walkers and kite buggy boarders. For families there are plenty of shallow pools to paddle in and a half-buried ship's boiler to investigate! You may even find the remains of an early 19th century shipwreck hidden by the sand until just a few years ago! Care must be taken when walking on the sand bar and warning signs heeded.

Contininuing eastwards round Gunner point makes for a pleasant walk up to the main kite surfing and windsurfing area with the Inn on the Beach and the funfair beyond.

Walking northwards from the slipway along the beach takes you to the Ferryboat Inn, a popular pub in a stunning waterside location. Adjacent to the pub is the main Langstone Harbour slipway, the ferry pontoon (currently not in service), and the Harbour Master's office.

The East Winner sand bar, Hayling Island, in late summer sun showing fine crepuscular rays.