Sailing & Racing

The racing at HFSC tends to be of two types - Series races at the start and end of the season which are held around laid courses (inflatable marks), and Trophy races which have predefined courses set around existing features, e.g. the Three Forts Race.

If you are new to racing why not give it a try? Apart from being good fun it is also teaches you to sail your boat well. We don’t take it too seriously and there are always people around to help you.

Like almost every Club in the UK and abroad, our racing is governed by the ISAF ‘Racing Rules of Sailing’, plus a set of Club-specific Sailing Instructions (and occasionally, event-specific Sailing Instructions too). To begin racing you don’t need to know much more than the basic right-of-way rules plus a quick read of the HFSC Sailing Instructions (part 1 only, included at the end of this section). If you want to know more please come to one of our Club training events, or contact the Sailing Secretary.

Sometimes people need crew for an event, and this is a good introduction to racing if you want to dip a toe in.