Nab Tower

The Nab Tower is a 27m high lighthouse that marks the Nab Rock. Originally commissioned in 1916 by the British Admiralty it was intended to be part of a chain of similar towers forming a submarine defence for the Straits of Dover during WW1. But with the signing of the Armistice, it was surplus to requirements and so was floated out to the Nab Rock in 1920 to replace a light ship.

The metal structure sits on a huge, tiered concrete base much like a giant wedding cake without pillars, and lists slightly due to the uneven seabed upon which it rests.

The Nab Tower is about 7.5 nautical miles from the Club and clearly visible with the naked eye.

There is deep water all around the Nab Tower for small boats but the concrete base would be very unforgiving if you hit it. Be careful about being pushed onto it by the tide (which can run very strongly), and note that the tower distorts the wind all around it.