2016 sailing schedule is out

Your new sailing secretary, Matt, has been busy planning the new sailing season. Check out the full calendar of events.

With the aim of getting more people out on the water and having more fun, Matt is introducing the following:

  1. 2-sail regattas with an emphasis on fun, close-quaters racing. If ever there was a reason to mobilise the 2-sail fleet this is it!
  2. A more appealing spring series with just 2 Sundays of 3 back-to-back races each and on the day honours. Packing in loads of short-course racing, this is the perfect start to the season.
  3. Training sessions to improve your skills. We have some very experienced sailors in the club who are always willing to share their knowledge.
  4. Flexible trophy race days - we'll run whatever trophy race best suits the conditions on the day. No more 7-hour drifts to the Nab Tower and back!
  5. No more wasted trips for sailors and those down for duty. Your sailing secretary will be keeping an eye on the weather forecast and will email out confirmation that the event will go ahead a few days beforehand.

For more information or to make suggestions, please email Matt at sailing@hfsc.org.uk.