2-sail regatta

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This promises to be a fun day of close racing when we mobilise the club's extensive fleet of Dart 18s, Dart 16s, Hobie 16s etc. No boat? No crew? Don't worry - just turn up and we'll make sure everybody gets out.


The course up to the Bridge channel buoy and back around the Fairway mark was set to make the most of the tide and light southerly wind. A beach start added to the fun.

Start time was 12.05.

Helm Crew Boat SCHRS Elapsed Corrected Position
S Audsley J Laws Dart 18 1.213 6400 7814 1
P Lingwood C Lingwood Dart 18 1.213 6480 7912 2
R Evans C Sturgess RS CAT16 ? 7188 8000 3
M Gellatty   Hurricane 5.9 (B) ? 6320 9547 4
A Scott B Scott Dart 18 1.213     DNF
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