Team Relay Race

For this race the boats are arranged into teams, with the boats taking turns to sail around the course with a baton, passing it to the next boat in the team at the start/finish line. The team with the lowest corrected time after completing the required number of laps wins.

The event usually begins with a ‘Le Mans’ start, with a sprint from the clubhouse to each team’s first boat. A simple in-shore course is used; this is easily visible from the club, which along with the real-time team position updates makes this a good race for spectators too.

Although the concept is simple, running the race is not and the OOD uses a laptop to calculate corrected times and team positions during the race.

The OOD will select the teams to make it as fair as possible, taking into account people’s experience.

Although this is intended to be a fun race you will still need to sail well and get your team tactics right if you want to be part of the winning team!

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