Heavy weather races

Submitted by admin on Mon, 17/07/2023 - 13:11
Windy day at HFSC

It's always a shame when we don't get to race especially after making a real effort to get to the club. But if there's any doubt that it was a bit too "heavy" yesterday please have a look at the graph below. Back in 2020 I plotted the wind speed, gust, and direction as recorded by Chimet for a couple of windy races both of which were at the limit of what any of us were OK to sail in. I hoped to get an idea of what we'd experienced for comparison and for future reference.

My hunch was that the wind yesterday was significantly stronger than those 2 races and having added yesterday's Chimet readings to the graph (black lines) along with the last 2 races (which were also fairly windy) it appears that it was by some margin. I think we made the right call not to race.

Wind plots for windy races
Chimet wind plots for heavier weather races at HFSC