10 Reasons to Join Hayling Ferry Sailing Club

1. Great location

Our club is perfectly positioned at the entrance to Langstone Harbour on Hayling Island. As a sailing spot its unbeatable. As a place to spend a summer's day it's sublime. Away from the crowds, surrounded by sand dunes, the beach, and the golf-course behind, it's a haven of tranquillity and calm. 

2. Superb all-tide sailing area

We enjoy easy access to Langstone Harbour, Hayling Bay and the eastern Solent at all states of the tide. Launching and recovering your boat is straightforward and once afloat there is an endless variety of sailing to enjoy. Find out more about our sailing area.

3. We like catamarans

As one of the few catamaran-friendly clubs in the area the bulk of our fleet are multi-hulls. If you've sailed one you'll know why. They are fast and fun while surprisingly stable and versatile. Every year we welcome some of the UK's top catamaran (and monohull) sailors to our popular long-distance Solent Forts Race (now part of the Allen race series) and in 2016 we hosted the F18 Nationals.

4. We also like monohulls, windsurfers, paddle-boarders, and kayakers

Catamaran sailing is our thing but we also welcome monohull sailors, windsurfers, paddle-boarders, kayakers and rowers to join us. A number of windsurfers launch from the club and attest to the excellent conditions to be found on the "wrong" side of the sand bar. For paddle-boarders, kayakers, and rowers, having the choice of harbour or sea suits all abilities and disciplines.

5. Low membership fees from just £94 per year

Single membership is £94 while family membership costs just £118 per year. With a joining fee of only £30 and very reasonable boat park fees, the club is fantastic value for money.

6. You don't need a boat

We have 2 well specced SL16 catamarans and an RS Vision monohull available for members to use. Either pay a low annual fee of £157.50 or pay as you go. The SL16 is a versatile boat offering the challenge of twin trapezes and a spinnaker should you want it. Skeg hulls mean there are no dagger boards to worry about. If you can sail a Dart, Hobie, or similar, you can sail an SL16. Find out more about the club boats.

7. A varied racing calendar

Those of us who like to race enjoy a varied schedule of racing from April until October. Races usually run every other weekend but may be supplemented or replaced with skills and training days depending on demand. Handicaps mean that all boats race together. Courses may be set around racing buoys or the many available marks in the area depending on tide and wind. A particular highlight is our round Hayling race which includes a lunch and drink stop at the bridge.

8. Friendly and low-key

A busy day at the club might mean there are just a handful of members about. It's very easy to get to know everybody. Our big social event of the year coincides with our Solent Forts Race where we host a live band in the club house. Family camping week in August is an increasingly popular way for members to spend a few days of their summer holidays. Members are required to do 2 duties a year and are a good way to meet other club members.

9. An eco-friendly, off-grid club house and boat park

Our club house is cool and breezy on hot summer days; warm and snug when the weather turns wilder. It has been carefully maintained and improved over the years from pre-loved temporary classroom to comfortable club house boasting hot showers, flushing loos and a well-equipped kitchen area. We collect, store and purify rainwater from the roof for hot showers and our 12V electrical system is powered by the sun. On the occasions when we need it, there is a quiet and efficient generator. Outside, the grassy boat park is sheltered from the sea breeze by a large bank of Tamarisk bushes. Find out more about our club facilities.

10. Easy to get to and easy to park

The club is less than an hour's drive from most of Hampshire, West Sussex and Surrey. A private all-weather shingle track leads to the ample parking area which has great views of the harbour channel and the Solent.

11. Great for all the family

Off the water the club is the perfect place to spend a lazy day by the beach. Pack a picnic, fire-up the barbecue, or head to either of the 2 pubs within an easy walk along the beach. Rent a club paddle-board, go for a swim, explore the sand-dunes, catch some fish, or have a game of cricket on the sand. Camp in the compound, watch the sunset and make a weekend of it. Come and enjoy one of the best kept secrets on the south coast.

12. Small is beautiful

When it comes to top-class racing, training and organised activities we can't pretend to compare with some of the bigger clubs in the area. But if you're looking for a superb sailing area, a comfortable club house, in a great location surrounded by nature, where you can feel at home then Hayling Ferry Sailing Club could just be the place for you.

Ready to join? Print out and fill out a joining form. Want to know more? Read our Frequently Asked Questions or get in touch by email at enquiries@hfsc.org.uk or by phone on 07862 455875.