Roy Stickley Race 9 Results

Submitted by admin on Tue, 12/09/2023 - 21:51

Lighter than expected winds called for a short inshore course to ensure the fleet didn't end up stranded out in the middle of the solent and so 2 race marks were laid beyond the outfall for a course of 5 sausage laps. On the whole it worked out well but a 180 degree wind-shift half way through the race, which was marked with a 5 lull minute followed by a unexpectedly strong gusts, proved challenging for all.

In a correction to the results announced after the race, it was in fact Richard and Justinian on a club SL16 who took first place followed by Robin and Dave who were the first placed Dart 18.

Many thanks to Penny and Roy's family who performed OOD duties and laid on refreshments for all.

Start time
Class Config PN Helm Crew Finishing time Elapsed time (s) Corrected time (s) Position
SL16 C-2-2T 771 Richard G Justinian T 14:45:09 4,509 5,848 1
Dart 18 B-2-1T 827 Robin D David F 14:54:59 5,099 6,166 2
Dart 18 B-2-1T 827 Steve A Jennie L 15:04:01 5,641 6,821 3
Dart 16 1-up B-1-1T 841 Bruce O 15:07:04 5,824 6,925 4
Formula 18 C-2-2T 678 Andy C Dee P 14:52:09 4,929 7,270 5
Hobie FX One Cat Boat D-1-1T 737 Clive W 0 0 DNF
Dart 16 B-2-1T 897 Peter F Nolwenn H 0 0 DNF