Results for Trophy Race 4

Submitted by admin on Sun, 25/06/2023 - 20:42
Boats by the slipway

A glorious warm, sunny, breezy day. The course was set for 3 anticlockwise laps of Fairway, Outer, Inner with a final port turn around Fairway. Conditions were pretty good with a steadily building F4-5 S veering SW, although it was heavy going at times on the upwind leg from Inner to Fairway. Three laps was hard-work but satisfying and the race time was within our usual target or 1.5 to 2 hours. Despite a slow start dealing with technical issues, Richard and Justin made short work moving up through the fleet and beating the other 2 F18s convincingly. But it was Ken, single handing his Dart 18 and finishing just a few seconds behind Steve and Jennie (Dart 18) who took 1st place on handicap.

Note: Results were corrected under Club Sailing Instructions Part 1 4.6 due to a time-keeping error. After consulting with the OOD and other competitors the previously reported winners, Richard and Justin, graciously accepted the corrected time.

Start time
Class Config PN Helm Crew Finishing time Elapsed time (s) Corrected time (s) Position
Dart 18 single no jib A-1-1T 840 Ken W 13:53:22 6,802 8,098 1
Dart 18 B-2-1T 827 Steve A Jennie L 13:53:09 6,789 8,209 2
Formula 18 C-2-2T 678 Richard G Justinian T 13:40:10 6,010 8,864 3
Formula 18 C-2-2T 678 Mike M Ian C 13:46:10 6,370 9,395 4
Formula 18 C-2-2T 678 Andy C 13:51:23 6,683 9,857 5
SL16 no spi B-2-2T 821 Kieron H Thomas D 0 0 DNF
Dart 16 X Race no Spi B-2-2T 890 Peter F Philip G 0 0 DNF