Results for Race 5 2023

Submitted by admin on Sun, 02/07/2023 - 18:46
Dart 16 sailing fast

Another memorable race, this time in the harbour with a blustery and shifting WNW F4-5 providing a challenging sail. The course was set for 2 laps of NW Sinah and Bridge channel marks with the usual club start/finish. Technically, 4 boats were out although in practice 3 boats raced, with Ian and Amanda happy to cruise on their sensibly reefed Pacific. Kieron and Brent on a club SL16 were blasting along and would have finished well if they'd sailed the right course while Dave gave a masterclass in singe-handing a club Dart 16 in the testing conditions. Andy and Justin, mostly overpowered with the spinnaker up, were able to stay upright and got the win.

Start time
Class Config PN Helm Crew Finishing time Elapsed time (s) Corrected time (s) Position
Formula 18 C-2-2T 678 Andy C Justinian T 13:35:22 5,122 7,555 1
Dart 16 1-up B-1-1T 841 David F 14:11:46 7,306 8,687 2
Hobie Pacific (no spinnaker no wings) B-2-2T 780 Ian H Amanda 0 0 DNF
SL16 C-2-2T 771 Kieron H Brent M 0 0 DNF