Results for Pursuit Race 22nd August 2021

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HFSC Pursuit Race 22nd Aug 2021

Seven boats turned out for a pursuit race on this fine warm, sunny, and at times breezy summers day. The staggered start began with a south to north transit of the club start line, followed by marks at NW Sinah (most southerly green channel marker in Langstone Harbour), Roway Wreck, and Fairway, making for a very elongated triangle course with 1 upwind and 2 downwind legs. The F3-4 was patchy and quite light in the channel where the turning high tide was a significant factor. The Dart 18s finished by a comfortable margin with Steve and Jennie taking and holding the lead with just 10 minutes remaining of the 90 minute race. There was a battle for 3rd and 4th place but generally most boats finished in the same order that they started.

Many thanks to Ron and Paul for doing safety boat duty.

Boat Config Sail no Helm Crew Start time Position
Dart 18 B 4696 Steve Jennie 11:45:00 1
Dart 18  A 2740 Andy   11:45:00 2
SL16 C 788 Richard Mark L 11:51:00 3
FX One D 310 Clive   11:54:00 4
Hurricane 5.9 C 082 Brian Ian 11:59:00 5
F18 B 519 Mark T Cathy 11:56:00 6
Tornado C 368 Adrian Fen 12:04:00 7