Results of Race 1 2024

Submitted by admin on Sun, 21/04/2024 - 14:50
The new Mulberry starboard channel marker Langstone

A good start to the season with a few boats braving the chilly NNE wind. After an upwind start, the course was set to head toward the harbour to round the new "Mulberry" starboard channel marker before heading back out of the channel to the Fairway mark. 2 laps of Outer -> Inner -> Wreck followed, before a final upwind leg to the finish line. The wind was consistently F4-5 blowing offshore with the inevitable wind shifts, gusts, and holes.

Start time
Class Config PN Helm Crew Finishing time Elapsed time (s) Corrected time (s) Position
Nacra 570 MKII School with spinnaker C-2-2T 719 Woody Paul M 13:37:00 4,920 6,843 1
Formula 18 C-2-2T 678 Richard G Charles H 13:34:15 4,755 7,013 2
Formula 18 no spi B-2-2T 720 Hugh C Andy C 13:47:20 5,540 7,694 3