Island Cup 2021 Results

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Island Cup 2021 Langstone Start

So quite a memorable Island Cup!

As the day approached the forecast gradually deteriorated from a perfect F3-4 WSW to a challenging F1-2 NNE. Not that that deterred anyone and it was impressive to see 11 boats lined up for the beach start which was necessitated by not having enough wind to keep up-tide (south) of the usual club start line.

At the signal the fleet drifted off in the tide at some speed with Matt and Alex taking the lead by making the most of the apparent wind mid-stream. The first leg to Langstone Sailing Club was slow with visible areas of flat calm and light breeze over much of Langstone Harbour. First to cross the finish line in just under 54 minutes was Richard and Charlie (Nacra Infusion F18) followed by Brian and Ian (Hurricane 5.9). Not far behind was the Dart 18 of Robin and Mark who crossed the line in a handicap busting 1 hour and 2 minutes. The rest of the fleet followed in dribs and drabs with the last boat completing the first leg a full 1 hour and 15 minutes after the first. It was one of those days...

After some deliberation over whether to head back or carry on, the OOD went with the older and wiser (?) majority to continue with the second leg. Another beach/shore start saw the fleet head off into Chichester Harbour in the direction of darkening skies and the odd distant rumble of thunder. With little help from the tide, everyone made it out past Sandy Point into the open sea where a steady F2-3 southerly breeze suggested the race might end on a high. Of course that was not to be. After a brief but heavy downpour the wind died almost to nothing. By this time the East Winner was drying out and those that came to try their luck in the deeper water by the shore found the lagoon now closed off from the Langstone Harbour entrance. Three boats bravely attempted to go around the Winner but shallow water, lack of wind and the ebbing tide meant that nobody made it all the way home under sail. Those contemplating a long wait to re-float or an arduous carry/drag across the sand were saved by the club tractor with road trailer in tow (thanks Ken!). And when the club tractor got stuck, it in turn was saved by the beast of a pickup belong to Woody's crew (thanks Allan!).

Having spent much of the afternoon frantically checking the lightning strike app on his phone, the OOD was much relieved to see all boats and crew safely back at the club (never any danger...). 

Many thanks to Barrie and Neil for their long and arduous stint on the safety boat, to Jonny and Penny for doing a great job with the launch trolleys, and to Cathy, Clive and Paul for helping out. And to all the sailors for turning up and taking part.

As no boat completed the second leg under sail, the Island Cup this year is awarded based on 1st leg finishing position and so goes to Robin and Mark - congratulations!

I didn't realise that the Island Cup has been going since 1964. Although not run every year it's impressive that we have an event that's been going for over half a century. Long may it continue!

Boat Config Sail no Helm Crew Time Elapsed Adjusted Position
Dart 18 B 6073 Robin Mark 12:42:01 3721 4494 1
F18 C 1421 Richard Charlie 12:33:47 3227 4746 2
Hurricane 5.9 C 82 Brian Ian 12:36:53 3413 4997 3
Dart 18 B 4696 Steve Jennie 12:55:16 4516 5454 4
F18 B 519 Mark Noah/Fin 12:48:11 4091 5706 5
Dart 18 B 7406 Woody Allan 13:13:17 5597 6760 6
Hurricane 5.9 B 98 Malcolm Neils 13:02:27 4947 6880 7
Tornado C 368 Elliot Adrian/Nick 13:01:51 4911 7590 8
FX One D 310 Clive W   13:35:45 6945 9398 9
Dart 18 A 2800 David   13:33:54 6834 8254 DNF
Dart 18 B 5191 Matt W Alex 13:44:15 7455 9004 DNF