Byron Marathon (Trophy race 4)

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We had glorious weather yesterday for Cat sailing, and by 11 o'clock we had 7 boats signed in for a race. The steady SW breeze (4-5) was perfect for a simple run out to the fairway and back into the harbour - we opted for 3 laps, but could probably have managed a few more!

Unfortunately new members Ben and James weren't quite ready for the start, so the gun went with 6 boats heading out to the fairway with good speed.

Richard Golden, ably crewed by Matt Illston were first to the mark followed closely by the rest of the fleet. The course was a little to 'beamy' to make the most of the F18's spinnaker, making it an ideal opportunity for the 2 sail boats to give them a run for their money.

It was an exciting race, with a couple of spills - Richard and Matt nearly turned over, and managed to hold on, but ruined any chance of a good time against the rapidly approaching fleet by having to hove-to and repair the tiller with electrical tape!

After handicap, the results were very close - well done to Steve and Adrian for being the first Dart over the line and the winners after adjustment, just seconds behind were Ken Wallis and his son, then Brian and Bernie.

We timed Ben and James and have included them (greyed out) for info...

I did the calculations - so any complaints see me!

Start time: 11:45:00

Helm Crew Boat SCHRS Finishing Time Corrected elapsed time (mins) Position
S Audsley A Bleakley Dart 18 1.213 12:56:32 59.0 1
K Wallis ? Dart 18 1.213 12:56:48 59.2 2
B Clothier J Fox F18 1 12:46:04 61.1 DNS
B Gamelin B Shoenberg Dart 18 1.213 12:59:13 61.2 3
R Golden M Illston F18 1 12:49:59 65.0 4
M Welsh P Lingwood Dart 18 1.213 13:12:08 71.8 5
B Evans C Sturgess RS Cat 16 1.325 13:23:00 74.0 6

Thanks to the team on duty this weekend, you all did an excellent job. Without your duties, we wouldn't have any organised sailing, so we are all very grateful!

OOD: Mats Willingson

SB Cox/Crew: George & Bryony Pritchard

Matt Illston

Sailing Secretary

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